Ad on craigslist flagged?

Why was this removed?

Title:(lessons & tutoring) Math Tutoring - All grade levels

I have a masters in math from UH - central. I currently teach part - time at LoneStar College, therefore I have had a background check done.

I have experience teaching in Elementary, Middle, High School and Community College. I can tutor any class. If it is college/grad level math, please let me know the topic beforehand.

I charge $30/hr

Resume and references are available upon request.

Please contact me by replying to this post.


I looked over the guidelines and cannot find anything wrong with this. I used only one geographical area (Houston). I'd like to repost this, but don't want it getting flagged every time.

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They examine your internet IP address posting while far from Houston might be a complication, apparently the competition flags posts to sabotage them in some cases, perhaps there's an appeal in such cases.

I see non of the professional marketer earmarks, posting more than once every day or 2 can cause ads to be 'ghosted' as well. might get about 1/5 the craigslist traffic...

1 year ago

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not sure

by Kare - 1 year ago

maybe someone else flagged it for no reason

by Stephanie - 1 year ago