Is there more money in photography or aged care?

My crazy scottish friend thinks that he will get more money selling photographs/working for a newspaper taking photos, than he would if he went into aged care. he has the qualifiations for aged care but thinks there would be more money taking photos is this right?
Also he plays the bagpipes, wearing a kilt and munches on haggis a lot is this healthy?
His australian friend is trying to get him to do aged care but all he wants to do is photography.

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He could do the aged care for a living and the photography in his spare time until it takes off. And the Scottish stuff is fine, he is a Scot after all. Someone has to keep the traditions alive.

1 year ago

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Photography is a very difficult business to get into, because everyone has access to decent cameras and loads of people want to be a photographer. It takes a lot of years of developing your personal style and building a robust body of work before you can start earning good money at it.


by Paul - 1 year ago