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    College help? And alittle suggestions? Especially in Fashion or business?

    Well I'm going to college in a few months and I'm 17 years old, I want to originally go to FIDM college which is the school for fashion N I want to go for fashion merchandise in marketing, But first I have to go to community college to brush up on some basic stuff, my English is really good- advanced, but my math skills are basic or below, I was screwed over at my old high school because they put me in the class full of rejects and bad teachers, Before I left my old high school they were in chapter 2 in algebra two and in my new school they were in chapter 7 so they put me in algebra 1.5, basically I'm scared My math skills won't be enough for when I try and get into business and merchandise, Any ideas? I'm already above credits I'm above credits by 20 and I only need five more credits to graduate which is nothing I am really fun bubbly and talkative and I'm willing to work hard what should I do , And what type of classes should I take in community college before I go to my fashion school in Los Angeles?
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    You'll be fine. Business majors do not require high level math courses. I think you just have to go up to statistics. It will be way easier to get into schools since you are going to community college first, you'll be applying as a transfer and it is easier to get in 4 year schools as a transfer student than it is as a freshman. a couple of math classes wont make a big difference as long as your grades are ok so I think you will be fine. As for the type of classes you should take, that all depends on which community college you go to and which 4 year university you apply to. For the state of california there is a website called assist.org, and i'ts a great guide for choosing classes, it's what i used through community college. You just have to choose the institution that you're transferring from and to, and your major and it'll give you a list of classes you should take Hope that helped!
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