Craigslist job. Does this sound legit?

To Whom it May Concern,

I am the owner operator of a creative studio (Photography, Web Design/Development, Logo Design, Branding, etc) in Philadelphia and after reviewing your resume and looking your Flickr portfolio am interested in speaking with you about a position as an assistant where we can utilize your passion of the arts and help nurture it's growth in the process.

Some of your duties will include (but not limited to):
-Working closely with a team of Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists and Designers
-Assisting on set (lighting, etc)
-Assisting with Casting Calls/Scouting
-Assisting with Scheduling/Answering phones & email
-Facilitating submission requests and call for artists at upcoming gallery shows we are invited to display in
-Help with location scouting
-Working behind the camera as the principle photographer

If this is something you would be interested in discussing or learning more about, feel free to give me a call at 267.888.7335

Thank you in advance,

The studio is called sinful illusions. He provided me with these websites:

I did call and the I spoke to a woman saying that I would be working with her. I have an interview on Wednesday. I also spoke to the owner.

So does this look real? It looks like its a small photography place and is trying to branch out

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Sound like a porn job to me. If that is okay with your sense of ethics and morality, you could go to the
interview. Did you look up the websites? Sinfulillusions and modelmayhem are suspicious references
to me! As for me, I'd steer clear of this company.

1 year ago