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    How much does it cost to have a fashion show?

    I'm a new online boutique HancheStyles.com we sell women clothes and accessories for an affordable price. And we have free shipping in the united states. Come shop please. Back to the question. Sorry I didn't mean to make this question spam. But I already have the models but how much does typically cost for the location of it and the dj and everything you need. Please just give me an estimate. I live the cleveland area btw
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    Fashion shows I assume normally cost in the thousands, but if you have the models already the code may just be what your creativity allows, if primarily a marketing device you would probably have to spend an equal amount in advertising to promote it. I'm sorry to say that many people setup online stores that fail, never making any sales, you could become one of them... Based on my internet marketing education, I have to say that your site requires a lot of work to become effective. First make it look like a more friendly inviting place by dropping the paranoid mini "won't copy" contract at the opening and the hacker warning, they will not be effective against those you are worried about anyway. Usually the legal grounds for later lawsuits is buried in the terms and conditions of the site use, out of sight of the perspective buyers. If you had tracking software so you could monitor the "bounce rate", the number of people who immediately exit, I suspect it might be fairly high, you need to engage them in the first few seconds of their visit. The first thing they should see is a sampling of your products (having more than 3 of them would be a great help) that huge logo-header is not a good use of real estate. Perhaps some invocation of the sense of style should appear there if not actual product shots. That store site template you are using gives sample images that are too small that jewelry is pretty un-recognizable in the initial view, if you have options for layout with larger images, use it. There are logo designers, who can do graphics, perhaps a collage for $5 at Fiverr.com Establishing trust: the general look of your site is not too different from the many Chinese sites thrown together in a hurry, except they have more products to offer and much lower prices, some indications that your are a more locally based business like an added About Us page would be helpful, if you actually had a store location giving the address could be oh so important in appearing in internet searches from your area. To be taken seriously by prospects you would have to offer a much larger product like (pardon me if that's already in the works) it's even worth considering using one of the many drop-ship suppliers to broaden your product line, even if you end up breaking even on some sales, like loss leaders in grocery stores, one of these added products might attract a buyer to your higher profit items. Finding trustworthy drop ship sourcers can be tricky, there are kind of expensive "certified" supplier lists in paid sites like WorkdWideBrands.com and Saleshoo.com at least get the free ebooks somewhere on Worldwide Brands Product titled: start Your Internet Business RIGHT UnderstandingTheNet Worldwide Brands Product Sourcing ebook Don't say "Come shop please" here repeating it in your posts may be enough active marketing to get removed from Answers.
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