TV commercials: am I supposed to be able to read 2 lines of text in .43 second before it flashes out?

Maybe I am getting toward old-fart-ism but it seems unreasonable that the editors of commercials expect me to read at warp speed. Seems if they really wanted me to read the text on the screen they would at least give me 3/4 of a second. What's wrong with this picture? What, the punk writers are accustomed to video games?
No DVR here, I live in analog land. I think my TV was probably state of the art in 1995.

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Don't know what you're referring to, but it sounds like subliminal advertizing.

1 year ago

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A. They want you to rewind your DVR to view the commercial again.
B. They are just trying to catch your eye with one of the words.
C. They don't care.
D. They're incompetent.

by falsi fiable - 1 year ago

Yes, as in car commercials. Hilarious.
They are following the letter of the law, as opposed to the spirit of the law.

by scoutma53 - 1 year ago

Like on [adult swim]?
It's a brain game, (lumosity) to hone your critical thinking skills.

Since it's nonsense, even if you win ... you lose.

by jim s - 1 year ago