Need advice on getting either domain or a .org domain?

I'm setting up an online UK (only) business that will be a B2B business and I don't know if I should go for a .org or a domain name.

The domain will benefit my UK local optimization in Google and other search engines.
The .org will benefit my business reputation because I want to be seen as an organization so I can apply for local funding.

I could go for the .com version but even though its best for seo, it wouldn't really benefit me as much because the business is focused locally.

Whats your advice? Its a tricky one.
I suppose getting both is an option to consider but if getting both wasn't an option, which one would you go for considering all the facts I've told you about.

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Org names are not regulated like ,edu names are but it may also be seen as deception by some for any non org to use it, still I believe if you can get the .com, it is the gold standard for businesses, that complex uk address might be helpful in getting local ranking, perhaps no as much as a business street address in the site, but where I am, when the short name of a business is given people assume that adding a .com will most likely get you there.

The bulk search link in the Godaddy get your domain name tab allows checking a list if candidate names at a time (notice I didn't bother to explicitly say .com)

1 year ago

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There's no trick here. Unless you are running a nonprofit organization AND have filed as such, the business will not qualify for a .org.

Thus its from your list.

Also note that you really can use 2 domain names and point to the same host - no charge for that. Just extra domain names (and the .org is free)

by M W - 1 year ago

Think about where your money is coming from. It's coming from a local business. Like you said, the domain would benefit your UK local optimization. You don't want someone in China seeing your .org website because you're not going to make money from them! So, go with the definitely!

by Ted Murphy - 1 year ago