how can i screencap the entire page?

i work a lot on the internet and a hell of a lot of money for my age, i often go and look at other peoples websites and links and screencap their content to study later. I find it a pain in the ass the scroll down 3 or 4 times to get the whole page, how can I capture the entire page as an image or .jpg?
for me, sysrq does exactly the same thing as prtsc. Only captures the screen, not the whole page on my browser.

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Here's a browser plugin with a 30 day trial tat seems to do just what you want.

1 year ago

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On your keyboard, somewere in the top right corner in the top row there should be a key called "print sc/sys rq" when ever you are on a website you want to capture the screen, just click that key, and it will automatically copy the entire page. All you have to do now is open a program such as a common one like " paint" and in the menu section look for "paste" and it will display the entire page you copied. Now all u have to do is save the file And rename it

by Alberto Segovia - 1 year ago

You could try viewing the page in smaller mode (ie VIEW ZOOM - move from 100% to say 70%) that will then capture more of the screen and then when you do a screen shot it will capture more more of the page for you

by robert m - 1 year ago