How can an artist exactly "market/sell" himself?

I keep hearing this, in the arts, your way of selling yourself just as much as your "product" (painting, voice, acting) is equally important to the talent itself. Now, I do get the point of that logic, but I don't really see how an person can really promote themselves. Anyone care to illuminate me? :)

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^holy shit it's gandalf

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online is a good way

by Geeta Fookata - 1 year ago

know the right ppl to make good connections with the world and soon you'll be known world-wide lol

that (fame) and your talent & stuff =]

plus love because love is all you need and is your happiness,,
happiness makes productivity not the other way around

ppl choose happiness over money & uh
so in order for your soul to be happy you have to be true to your soul, remember who your soul is, not it's name, history or mistakes, but what it is truly in any given moment without ego(self)
but your unconditioned self is the key =]

by Chris Q.T. - 1 year ago

You mean a decade of vacuous self-promotion where celebrities are celebrities because they has just passed you by. Good for you.

For many well known people they have "agents" or PR/Media spokeperson who do a lot of that.

Of course one other approach is just to be damn good at what you do and wait for everyone to draw you to their attention!

by robert m - 1 year ago