is gigats employment website legit?

i am in the process of letting gigats employment email me job leads but this seems like a scam. does anyone know about this site?

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The registration process was more than I expected, but once you get past that they send you a decent amount of jobs every day. I find that there's a lot of crossover between what they, Career Builder, Monster, Beyond and Indeed send you, but usually each one has at least one unique job every week that's worth looking in to. Don't ONLY rely on them, but don't NOT use them either. Keep all your bases covered.

1 year ago

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No, every job site sends you job leads. That's what they do.

by Otis - 1 year ago

Gigats has been reported as nothing more than a way of selling you "higher education" and nothing more. Please check out the article ( The ownership of have been traced to a man/company known for scams. Please check out the article (


by Phaedra - 1 year ago

I got a few emails then they stopped and when I wanted to to reset password never got a response!!! they are all about referrals to schools

by Cathy - 5 months ago