Besides amazon and ebay what are some and safe good sites to buy things on?

I love amazon and don't really like ebay, but I was wondering are there any other good and safe websites to purchase products? Just like amazon where you can choose to buy certain things?

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I think Amazon and eBay are best but you can also try other websites. I have provided link for Alexa which rates websites. So, if sites on alexa list then it's genuine and worth a try. You can search sites as per categories on link. Hope you have good time.

Happppppy shopping!!!!


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Must be nice to be rich and be able to buy things online that you don't need.

by Go with the flow - 1 year ago

I like ITunes for music.

by candy coated - 1 year ago

Craigs List

by Gino - 1 year ago

Amazon is by far the best site. I have Student Prime, which I got for free, and it is great. I have free 2 day shipping on a bunch of stuff. Also, it is so much cheaper than netflix and amazon prime is making a bunch of improvements.

Make sure to buy from reputable seller! You will get very hassle free refunds and it is overall a better experience.

Get a personal, family or friends .edu email to sign up with amazon. That way you get the free membership. It is really easy/fast to do and I have been holding off but I just got it and now I don't have to spend over $25, which was really annoying before!!

Sign up here

by hughes 147258 - 7 months ago