How do you sell stuff on EBAY?

I have an ebay account, i do a lot of buying on ebay. I use paypal to pay for items. I have my credit card info on my paypal. How do i sell stuff on ebay? like in order to get paid for an item what info do i need? my bank account number? and when i get paid will it go to my bank or into paypal and then do i have to transfer it to my bank? I have never sold anything on ebay, but i want to start.

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You will have to start a selling account - go to the learning center - under customer service tab on right top. You will want to read and absorbe as much as possible from the learning center.
When you get paid your funds will be in your paypal acct - you will need to initiate a transfer to your bank to get access to it - also you may want to consider getting the paypal debit card, that way you will not have to wait for the transfer (transfers take about 3 days). also as new seller you will not have access to your funds immediately - there will be a waiting period until you get established as a reliable seller.

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