How would I go about starting an online business?

I have started a facebook fashion page that has recently hit 40k likes in 6 months (very proud of that). I've had a few small businesses contact me about possibly promoting their page on my fb so they can get more likes & they've offered to pay me. I never though about that but it's a very good idea & a quick way to make some extra money. But I don't wanna do anything illegal so I was wondering how I would go about doing it legal before I accept any money and get in trouble, in terms of taxes etc.

BTW I'm only 22 so I don't know anything about the business world. Perhaps I should takes some business classes at a local community college?

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That's self employment income that you will end up paying 30% instead of 15% tax due to no employer contribution. There are lots of people waning to deal in likes, shop around, you mifgt make the most with affiliate links to retailers, maybe 15% of any sales. Lots of internet marketing rookies from around the globe hang out at

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make the money then worry about tax.

by John Jones - 1 year ago