How to start an Internet Marketing business?

I seriously want to start an Internet Marketing company and be my own boss. I want to do Marketing, PR, and Advertising for entertainment, lifestyle, and travel/luxury. I need real serious advice on how to start a business and ring in clients and keep them. I just started Full Sail University but with them I'm losing my inspiration so I want to branch out and build an empire. If your also looking to do what I'm aspiring to do then lets connect and network together :)

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You need to develop your business plan even before starting an internet marketing business. You need to know how you are planning to promote the products that you are considering. Research if there is market demand for the products you wish to promote. Determine if promoting these products will be a profitable option for you. Research and visualize all of these things before making a final determination on any type of internet marketing business to start.

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That's a very competitive field with a lot of levels of operation, with lots of specialized technical skills required. You could start be offering a few services as a feelance operator through sites like, as part of your independent intern work.

A great amount of marketing done by individuals is affiliate or CPA marketing is a good place for rookie to start. See the member authored tutorials in the WSO section.

Setting up a full agency might take some significant experience and a staff of workers, some could be outsourced specialists.

by Jake - 1 year ago

First of all, you'll have to be really determined to make it in the business so that you wouldn't give up easily. Internet marketing entails hard work and patience, so you have to be prepared. With that said, I would suggest you look for an experienced internet marketer and ask for training. Or, you could join seminars or speaking engagements on internet marketing. You have to learn the ropes first before starting out.

by WealthyChange - 1 year ago