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    What's with these online shopping sites that require you to join to view their merchandise?

    The only way I would have ever found these sites is that often I see their products pinned on Pinterest. But when I follow the link, it's like a private club -- you have to be a member to shop. It doesn't cost anything, it just makes me suspicious and annoyed. Has anyone used these sites and found them to be consistently safe? And maybe you could explain the madness behind this method?
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    When you sign up, it's much easier for them to keep advertising to you and get you to spread their deals on their products, so by joining it's basically helping them market. I've used a site called JackThreads and I think it's great. They have really good deals on a variety of different clothing options and have been consistently safe. You may want to look into some of the other websites before you register, but I don't think you should really find any problems with them. Hope this helps!
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