is it safe to shop at

i want to buy something on amazon but im worried they wont ship my item or steal my money

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Yes, it is safe. Like a regular store, they are required by law to not steal your money. If you're not convinced, they have the highest possible rating by the Better Business Bureau: A+. Amazon is a legitimate online store, regulated by federal law, and well trusted by millions of people.

1 year ago

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Amazon is perfectly safe

by Katie - 1 year ago

yes. I buy things all the time there and actually the shipping is easier and quicker than others. But just make sure to read reviews about the product to see if it is good enough :)

by Rukia - 1 year ago

I do most of my shopping on Amazon and love it.

by WilliamG - 1 year ago

Yes, its very safe its probably one of the top online shopping places :)


by Jordan - 1 year ago

Yes 100%. I shop on amazon at least 3-5 times a month and my packages get here on time. Amazon is international buisness. I love amazon and will continue to shop online with amazon. I recommend this 100%.

by Jake - 1 year ago

All that paranoia will kill you someday.

by Uncommon Sense - 1 year ago