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    How do 12 or 13 year olds get money?
    My niece wanted to know how to get money because she wants to buy herself a laptop without anyone's help... Any suggestions?
    a few seconds ago 7 Answers

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    When I was 12 my mum used to pay me for doing chores. For example washing the car was £5, Ironing was £1 for 3 pieces of clothing etc. If she likes animal she could always pet sit or dog walk.
    a few seconds ago

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    • Chores for neighbours.

      by ! - 9 hours ago

    • Babysit

      by Ahmed - 9 hours ago

    • you can make free business cards at vista.com just pay shipping and headlining. like 3$-you draft a card up or a flyer to sell services you can do . for example.. clean back yards trash in cellars garages attics. .. do lawn care.. dog walking in NYC pays big bucks so in your town perhaps a person needs a dog walker but when they call just ask if they have their shots ad read up on subjects of interest how to do on the internet .. you can baby sit but do take a baby sitting course at the Y they teach u how to be safe what to do in case of emergency and certify you to be a proper teen baby sitter. 1st aid etc. if you have a sewing talent do alterations mending sewing.. whe ni was 13 i made coats dresses etc i wen tot girls club and learned this trade which came in handy fro costume making fro theater and plays.. so you have some ideas and give the cards at grocery store bulletin boards. and have a reference ready like someone who can vouch u can sew, mow lawns or baby site or of yard work or walk dogs have a professional vocabulary yes sir no sire thank you let me check my schedule what is convenient for you . type attitude. clear simple speech and no slang words do not dress sloppy when doing errands chores have an outfit to work in get logos on t shirts car washer or yard care anything u can do put it on a flyer t shirt cards etc .. in some places ppl hate going to the store go shopping it is called Personal assistant. you will find someone who will do yard work if u hate it then u sublet out that person tell them how much u will pay them to mow mrs so and sos lawn and the client pays you you offer a service to do many things and if u cant do them u find someone and say to them ill pay u this amt of cash and show up on time use correct language as it means more jobs for them in future ,, at age 14 you can get and register a tax ID number which ppl love as then they can claim it on their income tax time and u can as well to make money.. when my son was 14 he rented a hotel room with tables card tables an rented out each table fro baseball card shows..the room was 75$ u bring tables to the room advertise baseball card show have all your friends bring their boxes of cards lay them out on the tables neatly for sale. this is called entrepreneurship you can rent tables for a flea market or organize a neighborhood garage sales. you charge them so much for a table just find the place room or yard space or a garage advertise word of mouth to ppl in grocery stores and in your town usually there is a local event free news on the news or places google that.. start up something of interest to sell or offer to ppl services form a group of nice teens who will do car washes and donate some of proceeds half to charity makes ppl pay as they like things for a good cause an u pay the teens out of the rest . when u work teens fro hire at the Y or local teen facilities it makes me think why u cant do it yourself to form your own group interview the kids make sure their not smoking cigs or weed and can talk fairly descent ad work and show up on time then this becomes a resume for your future for management, so u have some ideas. also hiring teen they fear of theft so ppl with good morals only apply this is why u need an adult reference letter to say she or he has done work fro me and they showed up on time did the job and i can trust them..

      by gypsygirl731 - 9 hours ago

    • Can her parents pay her for doing chores around the house? She could also walk dogs or maybe babysit for 5 dollars an hour. Or do what I did and make friendship bracelets and sell them for 5-10 dollars at school.

      by Red - 9 hours ago

    • When I was 11 I wanted to buy myself a xbox so I started babysitting, mowing lawns, and in the winter I would shovel side walks and in 2 months I saved up $370

      by Sara - 9 hours ago

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