Are products made to break over time?

my nonna has a microwave and a dish washer that she had for over well over 30 a days i cant have a microwave or dish washer for more than 10 years with out it malfunctioning forcing me to buy a new this a scheme to make us keep buying?

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At one time things were over-engineered in part because hitting a certain level of reliability was a bit more hit and miss, now they are better at cutting corners with just good enough components in order to lower costs but still deliver an acceptable life span.

At one time the auto industry in particular was accused of planned obsolescence, not just due to their failure rate but also by making this years model making the previous design look old fashioned. Some brands like Mercedes and the VW bug minimize the year to year changes slowing the obsolescence rate.

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The answer's in the question they want you to buy a new one so they can get more of your money

by Noah - 1 year ago