Is Amway a pyramit scam ?

Some years ago, I have people keep calling me to stop by their homes to learn about a multi-level marketing company called "AMWAY". Do these people really make good money? Can someone tell me about it if they
have experiences with AMWAY ?

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There are certainly parallels between MLM's and pyrimid schemes, MLMs made more sense in the pre internet days when a local rep assisted by a regional manager made sense, not so much is bunches of reps tripping over each other marketing in the same internet space.

It's worth seeing the cutting Penn and Teller commentary on the MLM business

1 year ago

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Amway is a legitimate company and people have made money in the business.
The question is that is it for everyone?
Do you see yourself selling laundry detergents, deodorants, vitamins, water filters, toothpaste, cosmetic creams and a host of other household products? Is it something that you really want to do?

Not everyone is cutout for something like this....


by Vek - 1 year ago