Would you buy this? (toilet aquarium)?

Ok so picture In your head the inside of a portapotty. It's somewhat like a table top with a toilet seat in the middle.
Now think abt a toilet. The porcelain on the inside that holds water where you go to the bathroom.
My idea is to replace the porcelain with like an inch thick plexiglass and have an aquarium underneath the bowl we do business in. And the table top part on the sides would be there so that it wasn't just a tiny toilet size tank, there would be room on both sides of the toilet for fish to move around.
This pertains more to guys because we can aim at the fish while we are going to the bathroom.

Additionally, think of what life would be like for those fish. Effing crazy!
I would totally have like a water snake or eel and like bizzar stuff.
I think it sounds cool but most adults I tell my idea to give bad feedback so I'm wondering if there is any positive stuff to be said. If not that's ok I just want to know in case I ever get enough free time to play with the idea

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Yess, the design concept is fascinating.

Just remember that aquariums need to be constantly cleaned & emptied & filled back up & maintained.

Does that still sound like fun to you?

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