I ordered something off of and I'm not sure if I bought the product or not?

I bought these Nike mercurials soccer ahoes and I ordered them like 1 day ago and my dad has checked his credit card if the company charged him and they didn't but here's the thing um after I ordered the shoes and shipped a day after, it didn't charge on my dads credit card. So I'm asking does it charge me after I get the product or its a glitch and they didn't charge me? I'm confused

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Make sure you got a confirmation email from them, confirming that you did in fact purchase the product. If you got that, there should be no problem. If they haven't charged your credit card yet, it could be just a delay between the credit card company,, and your father, but who knows. If you end up getting them and still haven't been billed, it may be your lucky day because you could have gotten them for free!

1 year ago