Advertising: How To Promote Art Work?

There is a young man who has created art work on both t-shirts, cell phone covers and etc. He needs help in promoting his art work. I offered to setup a google adwords account for him and give him a $100 coupon for free advertising, do on camera interview with him and post it all over the Internet, wear one of his t shirts to clubs and run a contest on my social networking pages. He said no thanks and could do this all himself. So what else can I offer him? I was willing to do all this for a reasonable price.

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I think would be a great place for you to put your products. It is tailored to small businesses. I would also try to build a kick starter campaign. Kick starter is a website devoted to small businesses pitching their ideas to a huge community of people. It can make a small idea into a company is weeks.


1 year ago

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These days online marketing is very popular and it is chosen by most to promote their products and services. Search marketing and social media are just some of these, but if you really want an effective marketing campaign online, you should consult an adwords expert to get an advice regarding your plan of convincing him to go for online marketing.

by Arman - 1 year ago