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Why is so successful? I work for an online job search engine website and right now we are not ranking as well as or What exactly is google looking for? Also, sometimes I see jobs listed on my site also listed on When I click the link on Indeed, it links out to a Snagajob page, rather than going directly to my site. How can I prevent this from happening? and are taking all my traffic! thanks :)

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You'll need to do good SEO, on page and off page, and wait then for the site ranking to rise to your competitors level. If you want quicker results along with SEO you can do PPC, SEM, social media marketing etc.

I think the best thing for you is to get a really affordable cheap SEO package from a good SEO company to take care of your SEO and SEM needs. Choose wisely, there are many out there. Talk to their clients and get a view on how they have done in the past. This way you can concentrate on making your site better while the company markets your site. You can use the keywords they research in your content for SEO.

Hal Smith
URLdreamer Consultant

1 year ago