Who called me, what do they really want?

Number (415) 808-2442 called me then left a voicemail, they knew my name and it was an actual person named Stephanie.

Said they were calling about something "critical" about my account, I recently called about.

I don't recall any of that, i looked up the number and saw it was from NANPA, San Fransisco

Who the hell are they and what do they do?
This is not my number ffs. Who is stupid enough to do that? It's the hags from California's number.

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If I had a random phone number, I could probably find the person who had that number too.

If you don't know what they're talking about, then ignore it.

1 year ago

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I do not know but I know one thing please do not ever give me your number if you get this upset over a phone call or possible wrong number being dialed

Take Care

by Ursugardaddy - 1 year ago