Can I work at target?

I'm 17 still in high school but I have had 3 jobs before at the 99 cent store GameStop and Cvs pharmacy but they have all been through a workability school program. also have 2 good references. So can I work at target or do I still need a work permit??? Thanks In advance

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Call Target.

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Yes you can. The main difference for those under 18 is that, especially during the holidays, those under 18 have to depart earlier than those 18 and over. So Security will march out all minors at the same time and you'll have your rides waiting for you and depart.

Target is a good company to work for. They have food in the break room for holidays. They care about employees. And they pay a dollar over minimum wage. Plus they offer a 10% discount on everything, even food. (Just for you, not your friends)

They look for the best and the brightest and the cleanest. A drug test is guaranteed. So don't even bother if you are unable to pass one. Gather up any letters of recommendations, school activities lists, references and go to any Target and apply on the Kiosk. or apply online. But I like the Kiosk method which pulls you away from home and gets you in the right state of mind.

by M W - 1 year ago

Most likely, you'll still need a work permit, even though you've worked previous jobs. Target is very strong on education, and if you just get the permit you'll be ok. There's some liability issues with working minors and I think 17 year olds are not allowed to work more than 30 hours with the school year intact. That's how it is in Indiana, but that could vary from state to state.

If anything, call their HR person for your state's requirements and restrictions.

Also good look if you decide to apply at Target!


by adcamper92 - 1 year ago