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    How to sell door to door?!?

    I'm going to costa rica in june this year and i have to sell these 5 dollar Papa Murphys cards that have a whole bunch of 'deals' on them. its as big as a credit card. im terrified of going door to door and i dont even know what to say! its important to sell them because for every one i sell 4 dollars go to my trip and the trip is for educational purposes im going on an educational tour for 10 days through my spanish class. if you could give me a line to say that would help and if i came to your door would you buy one?
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    Hi Rachelle. Make your 'presentation' simple and straight forward. "Hi, my name is Rachelle. I am selling Papa Murphys discount cards to earn money for an educational trip to Costa Rica in June. Would you like to save some money and help me get to Costa Rica?" Then, practice, practice, practice your presentation. It is normal to feel a little nervous when you start and that can make you "rush", so practice 'slowing down' your speaking pace. Be sure to have answers to all the common questions people might ask, such as: - Why are you going to Costa Rica? What will you do and learn there? - Is this a school program? Church group? Or what? - How much money do you need to earn to be able to go on the tour? - How will I save money at Papa Murphys with these cards? - What if I don't eat at Papa Murphys? - How long are these deals good for? Is there an expiration date on them? Best wishes and good luck.
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    • i have experienced sell cookies door to door for my school. some people are not interested it but some have sense of generosity . you should well-behave, that is say mannar is important. in the end do not forget say thank you for your time. you just have need some kind of passion and people can see it,

      by spring - 13 hours ago

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