What is a good name for my invention?

I made this glove that protects your hand and arm from oil splashes. Thanks!
Thanks for the idea!
@Lype- I don't know what's your problem! It's not like I'm going to publish this or something, I'm just an innocent student asking for ideas. I'm sorry if I didn't give enough info on what this is for, but you really shouldn't jump into conclusions.
@Jonny- It won't let me submit best answer so please follow this link for your 10 point:
@Dave Korpi- I'm just an adolescent.

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Just simple, like "Oilblok" or something along that line.

1 year ago

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Crudeless Hand Glove

If you take our ideas, we have rights to them. Better to think one up by yourslef.
Don't want somebody to sue you:)

by Lype - 1 year ago

what type of oil..from cooking splatter? or for say mechanics...
how about..."The Foiler" or the "The Spoiler"

by naglilihe_sux - 1 year ago