Need good idea on something to sell!?

At my school we have something called a Justice Fair where we sell items in groups for a week during lunch and we get to choose an organization to send the proceeds too. I want something very original but still easy to make.

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Sell ice cream cones. All you need are ice cream, cones & a scoop. It requires no baking. Use an ice chest to keep things cold. Make it cheap, 1 scoop = 25 cents. Anyone can do it. Odds are good you will sell more then most. Keep it simple.

1 year ago

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OK, If you have skill in paper mache, you could sell that.
Also, if you go to Sam's club, BJ's, or any other bulk stores, you could buy some sort of food (Chips, candy, etc.) product in bulk and sell it for an individual price. Trust me, you will make a profit.
Thats all I got. Good Luck!

by Andrew G - 1 year ago