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    Promote Catering Company?

    I have a growing catering company and i want it to stay that way. I am based out of Sacramento, Ca and i wanted to know what ways can i promote or advertise my business for free, if not free then realy cheap way! Thanks!
    a year ago 4 Answers

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    The BEST free advertising is word-of-mouth referrals from ecstatic customers! What are you doing to make your customers ecstatic about your products and services? Are they so thrilled with your company's performance that they literally can't stop talking about you? If this isn't happening, then you need to focus on the performance/quality of your services before you think about "free advertising". Best wishes and good luck.
    a few seconds ago

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    • Catering your desires and design a spectacular event is very important for your guests because they will always remember the food. You get pride to your guests in using fresh food and arranging it properly. So sacramento catering is very important.

      by Bijoy - 13 hours ago

    • make your business card on COASTERS (the one they use in bars and restaurants for your drinks) and make a bundle of them..then walk into establishments you choose and talk to the manager and offer him FREE coasters to use on his bar and tables...its win win situation..the manger saves a few dollars and you get massive advertisement..and the people reading your Coaster..will think you very organized and intelligent..trust me i did it and got so so much work..good luck..do your homework online..try VISTA website they make business cards and ship them to you..cheap

      by naglilihe_sux - 13 hours ago

    • flyers

      by Chris - 13 hours ago

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