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    Are these pomotional things at malls a scam?

    You know how they'll have expensive cars like mercedes benz or a convertible inside malls and the people try to get you to fill out a form to enter the drawing....well I did that two weeks ago and they called me saying I won and can chose 2 out of 4 grand prizes ($500 cash, a car, a trip to a resort, or to orlando) The number they called me was the state number I live in, so I live in Houston and they called me from a Dallas number... They told me to confirm appointment to go to a 90 minute orientation tomorrow and they asked me if I was at least 21. I'm not, but I told them I was....what's going to happen? I feel like this is a scam. Their vacation coordinator's number is 1-800 so i don't know if thats a dead giveaway...but they have these at the mall all the time.
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    It's nothing but a time share presentation and if you lied and said you were over 21 and you aren't, you are not eligible for any prize Everyone wins the trip to the "resort" - it's one of their timeshares and you don't get $500 cash, that $500 is for food/drink and ground transportation to the resort where you are being bombarded with even more sales people trying to get you to buy a timeshare My brother and sister in law fell for one of these and went on their free 3-day/2-night trip to Puerto Rico and did not even have a chance to relax on the beach for an hour
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    • It is probably a very high pressure sales pitch for a time share. When you enter those contests, you waive any "do not call" rights that you may have had. Everyone who entered received the same call.

      by Wayne Z - 16 hours ago

    • Well, if you read the details you see that a cruise or other vacation company is running this deal. You will be added to their mailing list. And you will be called with their con. Then, they sell your name to other con companies, and so on. You get in every scam email list, call list, junk mail list in the world. I never, ever sign up for these. I learned my lesson. God did I ever. You'll learn..... You'll learn. Telling you is a con game here will not help, since many people really believe there is a prize involved.

      by Silly Goose - 16 hours ago

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