is this a scam on ebay a tablet from china for 14.66?

i want to buy one but i am scared it may be a scam any one know how to tell cuzz i look for dealls all the time

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I would say scam.
The seller has no feedback and only joined today and it says 8 sold. How is that possible?
Stay away from sellers who have no feedback.


1 year ago

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is it too good to be true? Then it is!

by K - 1 year ago

Like so many things in life, you have to exercise common sense. In this case, you first see the price. $20 for a decent, brand-new laptop that sells for several hundred dollars anywhere else. Your common sense should be screaming at you, "IT'S A SCAM NITWIT!". Next, look at the seller information. The name is "llooooll" with zero feedback. Yeah, this must be legit. Are you really that gullible?

by WiseOne - 1 year ago

maybe its a chinese replica

by melody jean - 1 year ago