Europe's Industrial Base , Cultural Power, Assets and Logistics?

Europe has 33 million factory jobs and exports 3 trillion in Goods/Services to the World. Overall Europe will Run a 300 Billion Dollar Current Account Surplus this Year and will be by far the largest exporter of Goods/Services and overall the largest Manufacturer in the world. Germany alone has about 73 million tons of Merchant Shipping, the EU has over 200 million tons and 10,000 merchant ships. This does not include any military logistics(world's second largest) or Commercial Aviation Logistics(world largest)combining the Merchant Shipping, with Commercial Aviation, Trucking, Trains and Military Logistics Europe has the largest and most modern logistical base in the world. Europe is Responsible for 45% of all Foreign Direct Investment owning many trillions of dollars in assets around the world(ports, airports, highways, mineral rights, farmland, buildings, land, corporations, colleges, prisons, utilities, etc.For Those who say there is no Europe as one well yes there is...It's Called the European Union and all citizens of this Union can live, work, retire and travel to every other European Country in the EU plus Norway, Switzerland, Green Land, Faroe Islands and several other overseas territories as a Citizen of the EU. They have a Parliament and many other agreements binding them together. They are building a European Military Headquarters, they do not usually have border checks you go from one country to another like going from one state to another in the USA. They now will have a banking Union and Financial Tax on Financial Transactions to curb the excess corruption and help pay for the mess that the banks caused in 2008, thousands of pages and agreements which have made Europe into a Union of countries like the USA is a federation the Europeans are becoming a Federation with a little more rights given to each country then in to the states in America.They are negotiating with each other to reform the govt structure in places like Greece so it works more efficiently. The Euro, Franc and Pound are all worth more then the Dollar because.....Europe has extensive holdings of assets around the world, it's the largest manufacturing base and exporter in the world, has very powerful cultural ties to many former colonies around the planet giving it a distinct advantage over other non European Countries, It has the most votes votes in the IMF and World Bank while having great influence over other International Organizations such as the United Nations, WTO, Nato, World Court, etc. France has great influence over Africa and a few other spots around the globe, Portugal has influence with Brazil, Angola and a few other colonies, Britain has assets and influence scattered around the planet to this day the English own the most assets in the United States and Europeans overall are by far the largest holder of Assets in the USA holding over 70% of Foreign Owned Assets worth trillions of dollars. Spain Has Great Influence in South America and Central America, the Dutch own assets around the world, the Germans being a Great Economic Power but late to the Game now hold trillions of dollars in assets around the planet.By 2020 500 million people will speak French around the world(Africa being the largest base), Another 500+ million will speak Spanish, 200 million will speak Portuguese, English will be close to a billion. All the European Languages together spoken around the world will be North of 2 billion this is Europe's Colonial Heritage which is real power culturally. Many Linguistic/Trade/Military agreements are made between Europe and these European Influenced areas of the world. The European Sphere of Influence extends to over 2 billion people outside of Europe and including Europe(500 million) we are talking about almost 3 billion people!

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Is there a question hidden in that wall of text?

You list a huge amount of information (that might be true), but you don't present it in a readable manner. Both the lack of white space/paragraphs and the endless list of factoids mean that almost nobody will bother to read it.

If you want to present you case you should pick out your most important and convincing facts and present them in a readable and ordered manner, and you should also provide good sources for any facts that are not self-evident.

Finally you should remember that this is not a forum for converting/impressing/convincing people, but it's here to get answers to genuine questions.

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