How do commercials work?

Especially commercials like the ones they showed yesterday in the Super Bowl. Like, just because they show Coca-cola, Doritos, and Bud Light, doesn't mean it's gonna make me want that. It's the same old thing and when I feel like drinking or eating some, I will. I mean sure, it makes sense if you are advertising something new or you aren't really big and well known, but I find it pointless that you would need to advertise Coca-cola when every single person in the world who owns a TV knows what it is... I mean, I don't see how more Coca-cola is going to sell because of those commercials. So why do big companies advertise the same thing over and over?

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The big brands want to remain the standard when people thing of soda or beer, Coke dominates sales and is the only brand in small shops because the spend about 3 times more than Pepsi in Branding promotion. Having the best product doesn't not by any means insure you will have the top seller.

Yea we all like to think we are above the cheap manipulation if advertisers, but the process can get into your subconscious, making a name a household word.

The De beers campaign to make engagement diamonds a tradition was a devious but effective bit of manipulation stretched over years:

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