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    Is this agency for real or am i wasting my time?

    I just got accepted to this agency and they are more for acting then modeling all i have to do is go to a class and a photoshoot with a resume then do the prints for the 50 photos i shoot with the photographer. He turned down the guy that was with me he said he was horrible when he did his audition but i needed training before i go for acting on tv. Its no cost but am i gonna get any parts in anything right away or am i wasting my time?
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    Does the agency have a name? Google it. If little to nothing comes up or they never gave you a name then it's tottally fake. I would be careful about stepping into this it sounds really suspicious.
    a few seconds ago

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    • How all these companies make money. From you. They have no other way. Enjoy being milked out of every possible penny you have. And you may never get any jobs that actually pay. Had a roomate that went through this dream. She never had a job. Found her on the site of the interstate with her broken down minivan (acutally out of gas). She did not have a dime to her name, and her 3 little ones were starting. That's how dreamers end up in life. She later told me she was going to sell purses online and was trying to get someone to help her ans investor. Dream, after dream, after dream.

      by Go with the flow - 10 hours ago

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