Does survey sites really pay you money? ?

I need cash, im in the process of looking for a job, nothing so far, I heard about these survey web sites thatll actually send cash to you for taking surveys, do they really work, can you send me some links if they do work, thanks

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I read that you can make about 2 cents an hour.
Good luck.

I've read your other questions. About being high.
Know that employers look you up before considering you for a job. What in the world do you have showing in facebook? Could this be the reason you are not finding a job? Delete that stuff.
I see stuff about prescription drugs, r-rated movies, sex?
No wonder you can't find a job. Clean yourself up and your online image.

1 year ago

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If they do, I'd be really amazed if you could make enough to make it worth your while....

by Iain - 1 year ago

So far all the one's I've tried have been more or less scams.

Many of them start you off with a questionare in which you answer all kinds of questions about yourself & the products you use ( basically a survey ) they then turn around & say you don;t qualify for the survey. Of course they already got all the information they needed, they just don't want to pay.

Several other sites say you have to complete a certain number of "qualifying" surveys within a certain time frame ( 6 months or so ). Most of the surveys they offer are for "fun" & upon investigation you find they don't even offer enough " qualifying " surveys within the timeframe.
Example, your required to complete 12 "qualifying" surveys in 6 months however they only release a new one ever 20 days. You do every one they release in that time but soon find that you'r not going to hit your quota because they're not offering them enough so you don;t get paid.

Others I've seen are nothing but scams set up to get personal information they could turn around & use for identity theft.

Frankly be real cautions...

by thomas - 1 year ago

Thomas has provided an excellent answer. That has been the experience of myself and some friends over the past years.

We are all retired or semi retired, so have the time to sit in front of the computer and try things like this. Not only kids like to earn money from surveys, eh?

But, in my many years of surveys ( and I am with legitimate groups ), I have made an average of $3 a month. My best ever month was years ago, when I actually made $10.

Since I do it for fun and to while away time, I don't have a problem with this low rate of earning; but if you think you can make money to live on, you will be extremely disappointed.

And one has to be aware of the many scams and ID theft sites. Most survey sites are really scams and theft sites because the legitimate ones have full memberships ( no one leaves - why would they? ) with long waiting lists. Only the scams troll for "members" on public forums and boards.

by InspectorBudget - 1 year ago