Why do some companies assume everyone has an iphone?

When they make a new app, for example to check your account balance, they announce it as an iphone app.

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why does everyone out there assume we even have cellphones or iphones, fast computer service and Windows 8? Who knows what those people are thinking, except maybe that some people still have money (and lots of credit left on their credit cards) so they're still spending like crazy. It's the thing of "the guy with the most toys wins" attitude.

1 year ago

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iPhone/ apple products are probably the most popular or a majority of their customer base has one

by Karalynne - 1 year ago

...because iphone is now popular and among the best in the world

by Harrison - 1 year ago

Often they are optional 'convenience' apps used as marketing perks, like the wireless cable TV tuner being insanely pushed in my area. Those without iPhones can still get by, it's an expensive pain to translate an App for the 4 major mobile platforms, often if the iOS version tests well they will follow through with versions for the other phones.

by Jake - 1 year ago

Because they think they are easily attainable


by Maximus - 1 year ago