There was a PBS series in the 1980s about Marketing. It may have been titled, MARKETING. I'm not sure.?

How may I find this? I would like to get it on DVD. It was a great show. Thanks.

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I checked in the Film and Video Finder, published by NICEM (National Information Center for Educational Media), and the closest thing listed was a series called MARKETING PERSPECTIVES, made for Milwaukee Area Technical College, by WMVS (the PBS of Milwaukee). Apparently it was released on film and videocassette, but I don't know about DVD

This has some info, but don't click "watch this movie now"
It says 1987, but may have been made in 1981 (according to Worldcat)

I suggest you contact either Milwaukee Public Television or Milwaukee Area Technical College (media services), and see if they can make a copy (it will probably be expensive, assuming this is the show you are looking for)

Alternatively, maybe your library could borrow this through Interlibrary loan (this also shows the episode titles)

I hope you have success.

Hey, something else I found!
This is the syllabus for marketing at Dallas County Community College, and they are using the Marketing Perspectives show as material (shown on pages 4 and 5). You could contact Professor Ray Attner (his email is listed on page 1) and maybe he could point you in the direction to get a copy.

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