Does Quality of printing affects Marketing efforts?

Does Quality of printing affects Marketing efforts?What are the points to remember before selecting a printing agency?

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According to many business owners, quality matters when it comes to printed marketing materials. A majority of people believes the quality of materials is a strong reflection of the business’s products or services.Nearly 50% of business owners feel they are spending the right amount on printing and the quality matters for them.
Before making an order with any printing company Check the specifications for paper weight, shown in 'gsm' or grams per square inch.For a brochure or flyer, 150gsm is the most popular paper stock.By calculating these costs, you can know for sure whether or not you are saving money. Also, don't assume the advertised price is final. Check for extra costs that may not be included, like freight, GST or artwork setup. A custom printing quote should include all these elements clearly, with a final total.
You can get more advices on artwork from the below link.


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they say it does but frankly is a marketing gimmick in itself.

All depends on your product. If its a merc or a BMW brochure then yes a big difference since they are aspirational brands and demand a huge premium on the cars so they are expected to give something in return for the huge price tag.

But for other regular business a decent print job does it job perfectly no need to have a big printing agency name (you can have it just for your own ego boost nothing else)

by Dharmanath F - 1 year ago

For published material yes - altho a lot is online now. It's not just about higher quality either - if you're a charity or social enterprise you may want to be printing on recycled and green-friendly material. And with digital printing you can do short runs now.

by robert m - 1 year ago

You bet....the printing quality will some how reflect your product quality as well. So a good quality printing will give the impression that what you're selling is also of good quality....


by Vek - 1 year ago