where do I find this item its a specialty item?

cable type tire chain for a power wheelchair: Alaska, Vermont, Minnesota, Michiagan?
They must be available somewhere
In SL City UT very little is avail in terms of options
I have two friends both in power chairs neither has snow tires
My idea is to surprise them both with cable type tire chains for their chairs
idk where to find them
mail order from any of the formentioned states?

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Type in power-chair snow chains in your browser- im not sure what size you are looking for, but there are a lot of sites with chains for wheelchairs and tips on what you could use. The only problem i see is nobody seems to have power wheel chair chains, so it depends how big the tires are. You may have to home make them if possible

1 year ago

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You can get some 15 results by Googling: wheelchair snow chains.

You can hope Santa will get you some:

by Jake - 1 year ago