Can an official "" seller sell fake products?

I just recently purchased a cologne bottle from here, and it came in the mail a couple weeks ago. The "ships from and sold by" seller is everything seemed okay when opening my package but I noticed something about it. First it smelled great and everything, but when I wore it, it would last not even an hour.

This cologne bottle I purchased has a high reputation of longevity (up to 6-12 hours) of scent, but I don't have those same results. If anything, not even an hour. I know there are many warnings about buying scents/perfumes/colognes online and how many are fake, but seeing as I bought this from, it has to be the real thing. If not, I'm never purchasing something expensive from amazon ever again. Since it's a flammable item, it can't be refund.

I also realize that your brain gets used to certain scents after a while, but I would smell coffee beans for a few minutes and go back to smelling my cologne, and I can barely get a trace of it. I'm disappointed and would like to know if you know or have ever experienced having a fake product from the seller Thanks

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Though counterfeits are probably a violation of the Amazon store terms, no doubt some get by, there are definitely sellers that Amazon knows ship directly from China, the fact that it's shipped by Amazon may lower the chances of fakes, the backup should be a relatively straight forward way of getting refund.

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