Is my friends "rolex" real?

this is the same one she has, it says number 69299

When i google that model number a different one comes up. I have also noticed some of her "diamonds" are crooked.

Is it real or fake? How else do I tell?
i know that particular seller is selling a fake watch, however I was using it for visual purposes. Thats what hers looks like. Does rolex even make that model?

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Why do you care if it's fake or not?

1 year ago

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There are many ways to tell a replica from a real rolex, the one in the link you provided is definately fake though.

by Daniel - 1 year ago

That 7 month old site is Chinese owned on a Chinese file server. There is zero chance that it's authentic, the very worst of the Asian junk counterfeits have a ticking second hand instead of a sweeping one.

Are you promoting this obvious Chinese supplier?

Here's a quick fake identifying check list and a chart of replica qualities.

by Jake - 1 year ago


by MIKE! - 1 year ago