Do you think I can sell this?

I am selling all of this:

(Gamestop used prices)
Call of Duty Black Ops- $20.00
Call of Duty Modern warfare 3-$20.00
Call of Duty Black Ops2-$55.00
Borderlands 2-$55.00
Dragon Age 1-$7.00
Dragon Age 2-$20.00
Fallout 3-$5.00
Batman Arkham City-$18.00
Battlefield 3 with premium-$70.00
PS3 Sony controller-$55.00
Batarang (Batman) Controller-$30.00
Blue tooth mic-$40.00
160gb used PS3- $230.00
Total=$625.00 (EXCLUDING TAX)

For only $500.00 Do you think this will sell?

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