Does anyone know if is a real official/legit site?

I ordered some stuff and i havent recieved it and its been a week.. and i placed 2 questions and they havent replied and its been 3 day.. im really nervous can someone PLEASE help?! D:

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The site is 10 years old which can be a good sign, but it's registered to a paid proxy at a PO Box in the Cayman Islands BAD sign.

It seems to be sharing a server with 1.89 million other site names, usually meaning that some name broker uses the server. A quick look shows it's "parked" domain name acting as a paid directory while the owner waits for it to sell, they hope it earns the renewal fee in a year.

A search turned up only 2 mentioned on boarding sites suggesting it was never a very active store before being parked.

1 year ago