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Hello, so I've been looking into Quibids, but I have a few questions before I decide on whether I choose to use it. Have, or do, any of you use

1 - I had seen that for every bid, you're charged. So, how much are you paying per bid?

2 - Is there a membership Fee? One-Time, Monthly?

3 - Also, in the end, are you really saving any money, as opposed to just buying the product? How much would you end up paying when you purchase the Product?

Thanks in advanced!

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For every bid you are paying 1 dollar.
There is no monthly fee, you just have to buy credits to spend on bids where 1 credit=1 dollar
You can save money assuming you actually win an auction., every bid people place only raises the price of the item by one penny. But there are a lot of people bidding.

Go to their website, there is a page that explains in detail exactly how it works.

I wouldn't use it. Seems like the risk outweighs the payout.

1 year ago

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it's a scam don't use it.
if something sells for $6 the company makes money of ALL the bidders think of it as like buying a raffle ticket that isnt' based on luck but rather who ever buys the last ticket.
and many of the top items are bid on using auto-bidders a type of program that automaticly bids in the last minute so that it's very difficult for 'real people' to win.

bids go up by a penny not a dollar at least they use to. so lets say for example a TV goes up for bid it' value is $75
the bidding ends at $45 which means the company gets the $45 you bid but they also get all the money that it cost others to bid so in reality they sold it for like $90

if you ask me this site should be illegal. proceed at your own risk.

by t o - 1 year ago