I just won an auction, and my PayPal account sign-in is my old Gmail account. I have no idea what my password is, and I really want this item, so I don't want to cancel it. I tried to find my password for Gmail, but their system for getting it back is really dumb. I don't know the last day I was able to sign in, which is what they're asking... So I have no way to get my password to pay with PayPal or access my Gmail account linked to it... What do I do???

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Phone pay pal up and speak to an adviser , they will be able to to look at whats happening and assist you so long as you have your bank details at hand to verify your account . i always use this number with out any problem 020 8610 0150 just listen to the options and you will get through to an operator .

1 year ago

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Call Paypal. They've dealt with this before.

by G - 1 year ago