Where can I find tutorials on how to grow my business through free online marketing?

I have a mobile mechanic business and I want to find ways to market/draw traffic to my website through online techniques.

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Read up on Local SEO, getting search engine traffic is the most common free source. You probably cater to a fairly local area, having a business address would qualify you to get into a number of directories that help brand your site as a provider to the region, it's a lot easier to rank for a search for Auto Mechanic, your city. A free Google places page is typically easier to get found than a business page, you need a street address to qualify for a places page.

There are some compiled resources here that would be useful for someone doing online marketing

The WSO section of has relatively low price member authored tutorials on different aspects of internet marketing, SEO and off-line promotion might be of special interest to you.

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You'll get the value you pay for.

Why do you want to market your business through a medium that has no value?

by mrreliable3599 - 1 year ago