How's this for a slogan?

Abbott's Lawncare

"Always on the cutting edge"

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That is clever but it doesn't actually say WHAT you do. So it can't stand alone. Nothing upsets me more then seeing a company spending lots of money to advertise at some event and just use their name or include a mundane tagline that doesn't say what the company if we should all know who they are and what they do. Very arrogant of them.

Your slogan is very cool...just remember to always include the word "lawncare" with your name on all marketing pieces not just - Abbott's.... "Always on the cutting edge"

You can play off of that slogan with further marketing on brochures etc. by saying "Cutting edge...methods, tools, service, solutions to old problems, etc,

Good luck with your business.

1 year ago

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very clever

by Megan - 1 year ago

That's Great! Very Clever!

by Charley - 1 year ago

that is good, but how about "Abbott's always on the cutting edge"

by ssparkle63 - 1 year ago