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    Why are my co-workers doing better than me?

    I have been working for the same telemarketing company now for long enough that I should have MASTERED the whole telephone sales pitch thing. I already know about using my pitch and inflection correctly, and exuding confidence, and not sounded "scripted." What I don't get is why it is that all my supervisors and trainers and everybody tell me how great I sound over the phones, and great I am doing, and none of them see any major improvements that I need to make. But at the same time, ALL my Co-workers are always running around bragging about they all make $2-3,000 a day from the people they call, and make all kinds of sales left and right, whereas, most days, I typically only can get maybe $500 or $600. If I am doing everything right, how's come the Co-workers all do so much better than I do? Is there some reason why the people we are calling respond better to them than to me? And if I am not doing everything right, why won't my supervisors tell me something I need to work on to be a more effective telemarketer? Best answer will get picked.
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    Perhaps some of your co-workers are embellishing their earnings... How would you know? The supervisors won't tell you that it's not true because they want you to strive to make sales.
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