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    How to promote a website ?

    My dad has a website selling handmade bushcraft, hunting and camping knives. Really they are outdoor survival tools of a very high quality. How does he promote his website ? He mainly sells through ebay and doesn't sell many knives through his site at the moment but obviously he would like too. It's kind of just sat in a dusty corner of the web and practically nobody will just stumble across it. How does he make his site climb the Google ladder ? How does he get his site seen ? This is the link to his site. Any feedback whatsoever would be good. http://ashardingknives.com/index.html
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    I'm just copying my answer to a similar question, hope it helps... 1. Use forums (every post you make sells your site using the resource box) 2. write articles (again use the resource box to promote your site) 3. write emails (you'll need to have a mailing list for this) 4. use viral tools to post an ad (like the below) get creative, there are many ways to direct traffic to your website...
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    • Search Engine Optimisation. There's a bunch of information about it on the internet... and I think a better website design, better navigation as well so people can immediately know how to buy. Do you have to contact your dad first, what's the location of the seller, Shipping options? or do you have to go through here and that. Good service will advertise itself.

      by kevssss - 14 hours ago

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