is this a good business name and slogan?

So I am a Relationship Consultant and my job is to help individuals create Maintain and repair relationships. No I am not a counselor. And I cam up with this name for my business

Phoenix Relations
Helping You
And Maintain
The Flame of Love

Wanted an opinion

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I would change the relations part of your name. It sounds cheesy and unprofessional.
Instead use relationship consulting or relationship mediation.

This informs the potential clients what your service offers.

Even better would be to use Romance consultant.

1 year ago

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It is good. Be creative and get help when choosing a slogan for your business. Make it a fun process and make it a fun slogan for people to remember your business by.

by Leadsbureau - 1 year ago

Pyara Bandhan, Bhandhan, Life Partner, Best for you, There r so many names!!!!!!!!!

by Austin - 1 year ago